miss ya friend

SMALL but loving,
was the moment when i first met your face,
FEELINGS where bitter but turned into care,
one look made me feel the MELODY,
honestly, i miss those days when it was great,
frienship ful of prayer.
i kicked you out,it was my fall,
i returned for i faced the dare,
of living without you ,
i lost them again,
my bad,
but your behaviour was’t fair.
i always feared this day,
but i m living it without any delay,
still this dnst provide my little self from missing ya….

all way so good…

never ending roads do converged in such a way that it left me roadside broken with all my pain and delibrate thoughts .i was wondering about my small blue under which i used to think about my future and allow the past to let go.those small and shy memories with my lovely friends in those fields of grace i miss the most.that colourful rainbow over seas and we on the cliff holding eachother for we shall never let this day go.BUT now that time has turned and changed leaving me as an pessimist with unsolvd puzzles and paused games.it was not tough to open my wings but to learn how to fly is where i got troubled by the large tree from which i hath a fall.

itz been so long and now my little self is all gone…

soo much crap shit i m …

.aND rain is my destiny by now….

dnt u remembr all the dreamz that shaterd away vd a singl blow…..,

m still on the same shore..

..y is nt not easy to move on…

wen yr proud is all gone……

far from the concrnz of devilz love…

standz a place in the hevnz lap….

wr i wish to close my eyes …


highs and lows ….so humble with a blow….voices i met with a dreaming glow…..fake is it or by heart ….hard to know as shadow in the dark…..not all steps turn into a long journey ….but can be made with a heritage road,,,,so down is every chase…so close is every image….what is my past made of…..soo many pearls damn precious,,,,what a love ….soo mysterious….


just a simple breeze i am …on the oceans …off the mountains,,,,,sliping down the highest peaks…..so scilently i chase all my dreams …..all my destinies reside within me……as long as i travel
thru th deserts o’ my compassion…….
i see me , as i was sent,,
just a sound, echoin’ round th earth…………



worlds reality hiddin inside me…my crown and evil needs…sour feelings …..y i had to move on…..roses and blood….along with a unicon…no shadow is meant for me in the nevr ending desert….this fear maybe is a reason for me to stay inside the golden gravel…walk on with my head down….look up when light is gone….

how long

tears so good ,bitters this little me,not jus a little high but a great depth in me.broken wings i go on on these topsy lands,so alone in these highs ,what if no bird pass by.hoary stars bless on me in this crucial night,everytime i close my eyes let my dream follow me by my side